Tax Tool: Look up the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) Premium for 2016

If you enrolled in a plan through the Health Connector in 2016, you may be eligible for a tax credit based on your income and family size to help lower the cost of your premiums. The amount of your 2016 tax credit is calculated using the premium of the second lowest cost plan in the Silver category that was available to you in 2016.

You may need to use this tool to complete IRS Form 8962 to calculate your 2016 premium tax credit. Most people will find their SLCSP premium on their Form 1095-A. If the information isn’t on that form, or if it’s not updated, you’ll may need to use this tool.

How to use this tool

STEP 1: Enter the ZIP code where you lived while enrolled in coverage through the Health Connector in 2016. (If you lived in more than one ZIP code, you may need to use this tool for each of them.)

STEP 2: Add number of household members age 20 and under and over age 20. Only add household members who were:

  • Enrolled in health plan through the Health Connector
  • Was not eligible for other minimum essential coverage, such as insurance through a job, Medicare, or MassHealth for the months they were enrolled. See the full list of other types of health coverage →
  • Claimed as a personal exemption on your tax return, such as a spouse and/or tax dependents.

STEP 3: For each member of your household who had coverage through the Health Connector in 2016, enter their age at the coverage start date. For example, if you coverage started March 1, 2016, then enter the age as of March 1, 2016.

Important Note: For dependents age 20 and under, you only need to enter the three oldest, even if you claimed more than three tax dependents aged 20 and under. For example, if you have four dependents aged 19, 14, 12, and 9, then only include the 19-, 14-, and 12-year-olds.For infants under 1-year-old, enter “0” (zero) as their age.

Enter ZIP Code


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