Tax Tool: Look up the Lowest Cost Bronze Plan (LCBP) Premium for 2015

If you or another member of your family couldn’t enroll in insurance from a job in 2015 and want to claim a health coverage exemption for those months because health coverage through the Health Connector was considered unaffordable for you, you’ll need to know the monthly premium for the lowest cost Bronze plan that was available for each month you were not insured during 2015. You’ll use it to fill out IRS Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions.

How to use this tool

STEP 1: Enter the ZIP code where you lived while enrolled in coverage through the Health Connector in 2014. (If you lived in more than one ZIP code, you may need to use this tool for each of them.)

STEP 2: Add number of household members age 20 and under and over age 20. Only add household members who were:

  • Claimed as a personal exemption (or dependent) on your tax return,
  • Were not eligible for insurance from a job for that month in 2015, and
  • Did not have another coverage exemption for that month in 2015.

STEP 3: For each member of your household, you will need the age of each person during the first month they were not eligible for insurance from a job and didn’t have another coverage exemption.

Important Note: For dependents age 20 and under, you only need to enter the three oldest, even if you claimed more than three tax dependents aged 20 and under. For example, if you have four dependents aged 19, 14, 12, and 9, then only include the 19-, 14-, and 12-year-olds.For infants under 1-year-old, enter “0” (zero) as their age.

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